Esc and Ctrl

Maping Both Control and Escape to Caps

For vim and evil Escape is really important and for emacs the Control Key is most important , I am a Evil Emacs user who likes both the world . mapping Esc to Caps for vim and for emacs Ctrl to Caps is highly recommended key maps which can be life saving . Just found a cool idea which binds both Esc and Ctrl to Caps , Escape in vim is used to change current mode to normal mode and in emacs Ctrl is the prefix key for many commands . Here we use a tool called xcape which maps Esc to Caps when the time for the key stroke is very small . setting ctrl to caps can be done with

setxkbmap -option ctrl:nocaps

xcape allows a modifier key to be used as another key when it is pressed and released within a given time period .

xcape -e 'Control_L=Escape' -t 175