Dropbox Alternative

Creating Alternative To Dropbox

Dropbox is a Great service which enables us to perform cloud sync . cloud ,What is cloud , there is no cloud it’s just someone else computer !! . Dropbox is a widely used to perform synced data between devices . There are many good things about dropbox it is cross platform ie, it works on . and also enables other services to use dropbox as platform to store your data thus enabling us to access all that files on all your devices . But there are many disadvantages for Cloud Storage not only for Dropbox all the cloud have problems , This site will put some light on the topic . You cannot trust cloud services . You are not the owner of your data . They can use or look into your date without your knowledge .

So we have to create a Alternative to cloud services such as Dropbox: It should have :

These are some of the features it should . We can use rsync to sync through ssh . ssh provides the secure layer of connection between the host and the remote server And for encryption we can use PGP , There is an Unix tool called entr , it runs a command when the content of a file get updated or changed .