Assembly In Emacs

Assembly in Emacs

Learning Assembly is essential to Reverse Engineer among other stuffs , Well I write my code in Emacs and emacs default con tans a asm mode which helps in Assembly programming , But i need documentation in my finger tip , something like company mode which is really help full while coding . This is emacs isn’t the might be some code lying in the internet which will help , So i Searched the internet and with no surprise there is a package for x86 Documents called x86-lookup , it opens the intel developer manual in a document viewer or in emacs’s pdf viewer . It basically works by first converting the pdf to text and indexing it and later searches the index and opens up the correct page . Same author have made a nasm mode for nasm programming .

(use-package x86-lookup
  :ensure t
  (setq  x86-lookup-pdf "~/Dropbox/Books/Hacking/64-iA32-Instruction-set-reference-vol2.pdf")
(use-package nasm-mode
  :ensure t
  (add-hook 'asm-mode-hook 'nasm-mode)

Dependencies :

sudo apt install poppler-utils


Footnote :

1. x86lookup

2. Author’s Blog

3. Nasm Mode Autho’s Blog

4. Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer Manuals